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We take up the threads of the Sephardic, Arabic and Occidental traditions and follow them through time and space to the present day.


In the footsteps of  Saint Helen: a musical pilgrimage 

A thrilling story about the patron Saint of Skövde, Saint Helen
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Qiyan's Tapestry: a programme based on medieval music.

We follow in the footsteps of the  Qiyan, weaving a rich fabric of sounds and tonal pictures from their European tradition. Adding pearls from near and far and yarn coloured by a thousand years of history, the result becomes a glimmering multicultural tapestry.

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Djā dā kāll


Las tres ermanikas: our Sephardic programme:


When the Sephardic jews were driven out of their "Sepharad", Spain, in 1492, they had been living there since pre-Christian times. Many of them settled in the Ottoman Empire where they were received well.  However a number of them also settled  in, amongst other places, North Africa, America and western Europe.
During the Umayyaddynastin in Al-Andalus, or Moslem Spain (the district now known as Andelusia), the Jews had experienced a Golden Age during which their poetic and musical cultural expression had been enriched and refined through the amazing mixture of Arabian, Christian and Jewish influences they were surrounded by in that era. 
The Sephardic Jews took their music and song with them into exile, including a wealth of secular songs sung in their own language, Ladino, a form of early Spanish. These were handed down from woman to woman, despite the disapproval of their male religious leaders.  
We have these women's flouting of authority to thank for the unbroken Sephardic song tradition that we celebrate today! We do it in our way, just as our  predecessors did – countless new elements have crept in during the centuries, both in texts and melodies.
And this is how we perform them...

The Rose and the Star

We present colourful and heartfelt Christmas music and Maria songs from different traditions: Nordic, Spanish, Syrian ...

Los caminos de Sirkedji

Kwando vejo ijo ermozo

Yedí kulé

Alta es la luna